Kela organized rehabilitation

Kela organized rehabilitation

We implement demanding medical rehabilitation individual therapy organized and financed by Kela in physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. Our therapists have a valid contract with Kela to provide services. More detailed information about the therapists can be found in the Our Therapists section.

We implement therapy in reception, home, daycare and school visits, as well as in an everyday environment. In therapy, we use our versatile equipment and devices, such as Xcryo top cold therapy device, LPG suction rolling device, ultrasound and NMES, TENS and microcurrent devices. In addition, we have a treadmill, exercise bike, skiergo and gym equipment.

You can ask our therapists directly or from Tonus’ phone number about free client places 09 8811 940 or email

Assistance and guide dogs are allowed in our premises. There are no other animals on our premises.

Prices for KELA treatment at the reception: physiotherapy for 45 minutes from 66.95€ and 60 minutes from 83.69€. Occupational therapy at the reception from 81.95€ / 45 minutes and 102.44€ / 60 minutes. Speech therapy at the reception for 45 minutes 135€ and 60 minutes 168.75€. Additional cost for home visit: +50%

Find out more about Kela’s website at You can ask for more information about rehabilitation and disability support at the service number 020 692 205