Occupational therapy

Introduction to occupational therapy

What is occupational therapy?

Occupational therapy is a type of customer-oriented rehabilitation aimed at supporting the customer’s ability to function. The therapy sessions seek to strengthen the customer’s ability to participate in and carry out activities that are important to them. The goal of therapy is to improve the customer’s capabilities, skills and daily environments in order to increase their competence and satisfaction in everyday life.

Occupational therapy can be carried out at our facilities or in the customer’s own everyday environment, such as at home, in a housing unit, at a day care centre or school or during leisure activities. In addition to individual therapy, Therapy House Tonus offers occupational therapy assessments, sensory integration assessments, guidance and counselling for parents, consultation visits, adult group therapy and work counselling.

Why occupational therapy?

Among other things, occupational therapy can help with challenges affecting areas such as social skills, executive functions, sensory regulation, self-regulation, sensory integration, emotional life, gross motor skills, abnormal muscle tone, fine motor skills, visual motor skills and using a pen.

Our expertise

At Therapy House Tonus, we provide occupational therapy for people of all ages: babies, children, adolescents, adults and the elderly. Our therapists are trained in methods such as sensory integration (SI) therapy and neurodevelopmental treatment (NDT) / Bobath therapy. We are also specially trained in neurology and neuropsychiatry.

Where to find us

We operate in Espoo, Helsinki, Kirkkonummi, Kauniainen, Vantaa, Siuntio, Inkoo, Lohja, Nurmijärvi and Vihti. Our main office is located in Olari, Espoo, close to the Länsimetro transport line and Iso Omena shopping centre. The therapy we provide is usually covered by cities, municipalities, the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS), the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela), as well as insurance companies. We also welcome customers who pay directly.

You can inquire about available therapy appointments by sending an email to posti@tonus.fi, by contacting our therapists directly by email or telephone, or by using our contact form.

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