Speech therapy

About speech therapy

The rehabilitation provided by Therapy House Tonus is based on specialised expertise and experience as well as continuous education. It takes the individual needs of each customer into account. The multi-professional approach pursued by Tonus provides opportunities for teamwork and consultation as needed.

Tonus’ facilities create a pleasant and effective environment for rehabilitation. Therapy can also be provided flexibly in the customer’s everyday environment (at home, in a day care centre or at school). The sessions are planned together with our customers, their families and other people close to them. The respective methods and equipment are chosen with the customer in mind, helping us to maintain their motivation and support them in reaching their goals.

The customers in speech therapy tend to be children and adolescents. Therapy can support the development of communication and eating skills. If speech therapy is provided at the right time using suitable rehabilitation methods, the customer’s development can be assisted and disabilities prevented, thus mitigating challenges caused by disorders in everyday life.

Tried-and-true rehabilitation methods are used in speech therapy. These methods are wide-ranging and vary depending on the disorder. Everything starts by looking at the customer’s personality and ability to function and choosing the therapy methods and tools that are best suited to them. Despite being an individual form of therapy, speech therapy also takes a multi-professional approach and provides guidance and consultation accordingly – also to parents and other people close to the customer. Cooperation ensures that the various elements practised in the sessions can also be transferred to everyday life.

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